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Products & Solutions

  • Central Monitoring System as per Estidama Regulations
  • BTU Meters and Billing Solution.
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers.
  • Smart Street Light Solution
  • Wireless Nurse / Room Calling System
  • Energy Audit/ Energy Saver Solution

Central Monitoring System as per Estidama Regulations

Energy and Water Monitoring & Reporting

All energy sub-meters must have data logging capability and be connected to a central monitoring system so that information on the exterior energy consumption can be recorded. The monitoring system must have the following capability.

We can comply Estidama requirements
  • Provide hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual water consumption for each end use.
  • Compare consumption to previous days, weeks, months and years for trend analysis.
  • Determine out-of-range values to alert building operations to unusually high consumption.
  • Record peak water consumption for each end-use.

AMR Remote Reading Water Meters

Benefits of AMR

  • Easier and faster to read water meters
  • Reduce labour cost , easier collection of water metre beills.
  • Effective management of consumer records i.e. invoice, /debts/ payment etc.
  • No limitation of quantity of meters

Operating structure of AMR

  • Receiving the meter readings
  • Transmitting readings to central system
  • Customer access via internet connection
  • Remote control of valves according to latest payment/debt states
  • Billing the consumption

Electric Vehicle Charger / Charger Management

Elvi (3.7 - 22 KW)

The only charger you’ll ever need
  • Modular build (Wall Dock + Charging Station + Charging Cable)
  • Upgradable, future-proof
  • Low maintenance, easy installation

Business Line(3 .7 - 22KW)

Perfect for charging in commercial and (semi) public areas
  • Easy management of multiple charging stations (Hub / Satellite configuration)
  • Energy efficient with smart charging capabilities
  • Custom branding features (logo placements

Energy Auditing & Billing Solutions

An energy audit is an inspection survey and an analysis of energy flows for energy conservation in a building. It may include a process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output

  • IOT based audit, eradicates human errors.
  • Energy Audit has become mandatory of-late with increase in electricity costs and regulations
  • All required parameters will be collected from the field and pushed to central server
  • Appropriate login details will be shared with the energy auditor / Client, who will know about the various electrical parameters.
  • Based on the above parameters collected online, (for 2 – 3 days), the energy auditor, along with details collected from field and energy bills / cost incurred shall coorelate and give a accurate factual report.
  • No extra cabling is required across the building from Energy meter to Centralized computer.
  • Email Daily / Monthly Reports.
  • SMS Alerts to maintenance team.
  • No extra service providers, so no recurring costs.
  • Technology use the existing Power Line to communicate the energy consumption details to centralized computer.

Wireless Nurse / Room Calling System

Wireless calling system is applicable for hospitals, Hotels, Offices, etc., and also monitor the entire responses for calling data base.

What we can provide for you.
  • A complete open-source software.
  • Software scalable to any extent and can be integrated easily with Hospital management software.
  • High level of Security providedin the software - Avoid tampering of Records.
  • Generate any reports based on CALL – customized as per client's requirement.
  • Can provide change of CALL tones.
  • Configure time taken for forwarding a.
  • call to next level of hierarchy through SMS.
  • This time can be changed directly by hospital authorities without addition of any hardware / software
  • User-friendly features and easy understanding for nurses with very minimal onsite training.
  • System generated reports available for hospital authorities.

Smart Street Light Solution

Remote operation and maintenance of individual streetlamp pole by wireless smart meter technology with Energy cost saving mechanism

What we can provide for you
  • Remote operation controls ON and OFF for street-light.
  • Energy Audits on street light power consumption.
  • Dim and Bright control for street lamps.
  • Record peak consumption for each end- use
  • Meter measures Active, Reactive, Apparent energy on 1 phase 2 wire system,
  • Output LED are placed on side panel to indicate Power ON and Load ON/OFF status
  • Wireless Xbee Communication can be done between Co-ordinator (Master) and Meter.
  • Load relay is provided to disconnect or connect load according to the site conditions via GPRS communication
  • Specifically meant for lighting system